Sea Service Experience Information ...
Sea service is a measure of a mariner's experience on the water. It may
be counted from age 16 and accumulates over your lifetime.

This experience is measured in 8-hour calendar days. Any day that you
are on a boat, had a position of responsibility (not a passenger), and
were away from the dock for more than four hours counts as one day
of experience.
  • One month is 30 days.
  • One year is 12 months or 360 days.

Sea service is considered Inland if the boat operated on inland waters
shoreward of the COLREGS demarcation line. This is a line drawn
between the ends of the jetties at the entrance to rivers and harbors
and is clearly shown on the chart.
  • Experience gained on ocean waters seaward of the COLREGS
    demarcation line is considered near coastal or ocean experience.

On commercial vessels that are operated on a two-watch system and
the crew is contracted to work 12-hour days the mariner may be
credited for 1.5 days of experience for each 12-hour day worked.
Documenting your Sea Service Experience ...
For your sea service to count towards a license you must be able to
document it. Sea service on vessels less than 200 GRT can be
documented using the
small vessel sea service form 719S.
  • Complete one form for each boat you are claiming experience on.

  • Read the form carefully and complete it exactly as instructed.

Sea service for vessels greater than 200 GRT is documented in a sea
service letter provided by the company.
Help using Form 719S ...
Section I is personal and boat information, and a description of the
body of water that the experience was on.
  • Use the name of the waterway to describe it, such as Columbia
    River, or North Pacific Ocean.

Section II is the record of underway sea service experience.
  • The top part is a worksheet to record the estimated days by year
    and calendar month.
  • The bottom part of this section contains boxes to record the total
    days entered in the worksheet.

Section III is where the signatures go to document your sea service
  • You and the vessel owner or operator must both sign the form.
  • If you owned the boat than you must provide copies of government
    issued ownership papers, such as a state registration or federal
    Certificate of Documentation.
Tips for Documenting Sea Service ...
Sea service is a measurement of your lifetime experience on boats, it is
never used up when you apply for a license and it never expires.

Always keep copies of all sea service records, you may want to use the
sea service again for an upgrade.
  • The Coast Guard has stated holding an MMC endorsement is not
    evidence of qualifying sea service experience.

Recent sea service is experience within the past three years.
  • For any MMC Officer Endorsement 90 days of the required sea
    service experience must have been within the past 3-years.
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