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CPM Inland 500 / 1600-ton License Prep Course
  • Call (503) 841-6066 to register or for more information.
Inland 500 / 1600-ton License Prep Course
This is not a USCG approved course. It is intended for mariners who
are preparing for the Inspected Vessel Master or Mate 500 / 1600-ton
Inland exams that are required to be taken at a Regional Exam
Center (REC).

  • The length of this course is a maximum of 1-year OR until the
    mariner meets the exam requirements for the license transaction
    that they are seeking, whichever comes first.

  • Mariners should have their approval to test letter from the NMC
    before starting this License Prep Course.

Successful completion of this course requires the mariner to have:
  • Good time management skills.
  • Be motivated to complete the exams.
  • Be willing to spend considerable time in the classroom studying.
  • Be proactive about seeking out instruction and asking questions.
How the Course Works ...
The first 14-days of this course requires the mariner to attend a
regularly scheduled Master 100-ton course followed by the Upgrade
100-ton to 200-ton course.
  • Mariners satisfying the course completion requirements for these
    courses will receive course completion certificates at no additional

After completing these two regularly scheduled courses the mariner
will need to schedule classroom time to complete additional study
lessons at their own pace.
  • This study time may be scheduled any day the school is open.

  • Most mariners require 45 to 90-days of additional study time
    before they are ready to pass the exams at the REC.

  • The additional study time that YOU will require depends on your
    own personal abilities, your time management skills, and your
    dedication to your goal.

The study material provided will include reading material, exercises,
and practice exams in the subjects of:
  • Chant Navigation.
  • Navigation General.
  • Rules of the Road.
  • Deck General.
  • Safety and Environmental Protection.