Charter Boat and Fishing Guide Captain Information

    Fishing guides and charter boat captains operate small passenger
    vessels on inland or near coastal ocean waters. With only a few
    exceptions all vessel operators carrying passengers for hire are
    required to hold a professional captains license as either OUPV or
  • A passenger for hire is any passenger that has paid or
    contributed something of value as a condition for being a
    passenger on the boat.
  • The exception to this rule is drift-boats operators (without a
    motor of any kind or size) are not required to hold USCG

    The captain of charter boats carrying more than 6 passengers must
    hold a license as master with an appropriate tonnage limitation for
    the vessel.

State Guide Licenses
    In addition to holding a professional captain license you may also
    have to register with the state you are going to operate in as a
    fishing guide.
  • Oregon Fishing Guides must register with the Oregon State
    Marine Board (OSMB) as a guide and outfitter.
  • Washington Fishing Guides must register with the
    Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) as a
  • Alaska Fishing Guides must register with the Alaska
    Department of Fish and Wildlife (ADFW) as a guide.

OUPV or 6-pack Information

    The Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessel (OUPV) captain
    license issues the authority to operate a small (less than about 65
    feet) power-driven vessel carrying 6 or fewer passengers for hire, not
    counting the operator or crew. It is sometimes called the "6-pack
    license" because of its limitation to 6 passengers. This is the most
    common captain license held by fishing guides and the operators of
    small charter boats.

OUPV Professional Requirements (46 CFR 11.467)

    The OUPV License is issued with either an inland or near coastal

  • An Inland Route authorizes authority over all federally
    navigable inland waters of the United States, including the
    waters of Puget Sound, Strait of Juan De Fuca, the Inside
    Passage through British Columbia, and SE Alaska. The sea
    service requirements for an OUPV Inland is 360 days in the
    operation of vessels.

  • A Near Coastal Route includes all Inland waters of the US
    and ocean waters within 100 miles offshore. The sea service
    requirements for an OUPV Near Coastal is 360 days of
    experience in the operation of vessels that includes 90 days
    on near coastal waters (over the bar past the ends of the

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