About Columbia Pacific Maritime

    Columbia Pacific Maritime is a US Coast Guard approved school
    operated out of our home located in the Parkrose district of NE
    Portland, Oregon. The school is centrally located near lodging and
    restaurants, and only a few minutes from the Portland International
    Airport (PDX).  

    It is the mission of Columbia Pacific Maritime to provide approved
    courses that satisfy US Coast Guard training and or exam
    requirements for professional mariner deck credentials in a small
    classroom environment with frequent scheduling options.

    To accomplish this mission statement we schedule all classes over
    consecutive days seven days a week on a two-week rotating
    schedule; and each class size is limited to a manageable number that
    promotes student success.

Columbia Pacific Maritime Staff

    Pat Degner is the office manager. Office hours are from 7:45AM to
    noon daily. Please contact Pat for all scheduling information. She can
    be reached by calling (503) 841-6066. If there is no answer leave a
    message and she will return your call as soon as possible.

    Nichole Thompson assists Pat as part-time office help to insure
    that calls are answered and messages are returned in a timely
    manner. You will see more of her as our business grows.

    Dennis Degner is the Director and full-time instructor. He is a
    professionally licensed captain with 40 years of commercial sailing
    experience on vessels of from 40 to 208 feet long; and he has over
    20 years of experience teaching US Coast Guard approved courses.

    John Degner is an instructor who works part-time when he is not
    sailing as mate on towing vessels. John is a professionally licensed
    captain who has been sailing on commercial vessels as a
    credentialed mariner since 2006.

Contact Information

    Physical Address                                     View on Google Maps >>
    13211 NE Thompson Court (NOT Road or Street)
    Portland, Oregon 97230

    Phone: (503) 841-6066

    If you have a question regarding professional requirements or the
    application process you can email them to Dennis and, unless we are
    on vacation, I will get back to you the same day or within 24-hours at

Columbia Pacific Maritime LLC
is a US Coast Guard approved
Maritime Training School located in
Portland, Oregon.

We provide USCG approved courses
for professional deck credentials.

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Class & Scheduling Information
Please call Pat at (503) 841-6066
for class availability and scheduling

License & Application Questions
Please Email Dennis your license or
application questions. I will generally
respond the same day.

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Morticia Addams stated that normal is an
illusion; giving the example that what is
normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.

On the first day of a professional mariner
course you will feel like the fly. My job, as
the instructor, is to relate the information to
you in a manner so that you see it as the

Dennis A. Degner, Director & Instructor
Columbia Pacific Maritime LLC
Dennis A. Degner (c) 2016
ColPac Maritime