Merchant Mariner Credential Application Process

    The cost of applying for a Merchant Mariner Credential is about $500 to
    $600. This includes the USCG application and issuance fees, the TWIC
    enrollment fees, the average cost of the physical exam and drug
    screening, and the cost of the American Red Cross or American Heart
    Association First Aid/CPR Training. This does not include the cost of
    any training courses, travel, and lodging.

    While it is not a requirement, it is highly recommended that you submit
    your application to the USCG and get your approval PRIOR to taking the
    course to insure that your time and money are not wasted. The steps
    provided here outline the application process and start with the least
    expensive step first. When completing these forms read and follow
    the instructions on the form carefully.

  1. Merchant Mariner Credential Application (Form CG 719B)
  1. The type of transaction for is "LICENSE" for a captain
    license; or "MMD" for an OS or AB rating.
  1. Document your qualifying experience (Form CG 719S)
  1. Use one form for each vessel you are claiming experience
  1. Enroll in the TWIC Program through a Universal Enrollment Center
  1. Locate a Universal Enrollment Center >>
  1. USCG/DOT Drug Screening (Form CG 719P)
  2. Merchant Mariner Physical Exam (Form CG 719K)
  1. Use CG Form 719KE when apply for a OS rating.
  1. First Aid and CPR Training
  1. Accepted training is American Red Cross or American Heart
    Association, or a course that uses one of these standards.
  1. Take the Merchant Mariner Oath (MMC Oath Form)
  1. Can be taken at an REC when delivering the application in
  1. Pay the USCG Fees (Pay Online at GovPay Website)
  1. Can be paid at the REC when delivering the application in

    Once these steps are completed make copies of everything, including
    the payment receipt from the GovPay website, and deliver the
    completed application package to one of the 17 Regional Exam Centers
    around the nation.

    I recommend delivering the application to an REC in person. When
    doing this the REC will administer the MMC Oath and the USCG fees
    can be paid over the counter. They will also review the application
    package to insure that it is complete and correct while you wait.

    Other delivery options include mail, fax, and email. Mariners in an
    around Oregon may apply through the Portland REC.

    Portland REC
    911 NE 11th Ave. Room 637
    Portland, OR 97232
    Phone (503) 231-2296
    Fax (503) 231-6738
    Email for applications

    Instructions for E-mailing Applications to an REC:
  1. Select an REC, and completely fill out all necessary application
    forms; a include a copy of your TWIC or TWIC application receipt,
    and a copy of your user fee receipt.
  2. Completed applications must be scanned at a resolution not
    exceeding 300 dpi, saved in PDF format, and not exceeding 8
    megabytes (MB) in size. If e-mail size (including attachments)
    exceeds 8 MB, send documents in multiple e-mails.
  3. Look for the E-mail Application button at the bottom of the REC’s
  4. The subject line of your e-mail must be: (Last name, first name,
    middle name, mariner reference #). Example: (Mariner, Johnny, L,
    #####). Note: New applicants will not have reference numbers.
  5. Ensure all attachments are included, then send. Please use the
    minimum number of e-mails to send your application and
    Columbia Pacific Maritime
    13211 NE Thompson Court
    Portland, Oregon 97230

    Phone: (503) 841-6066

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