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The Merchant Mariner Credential, or MMC, is issued by the US Coast
Guard and contains a mariners professional qualifications as
  • OUPV, Master, and Mate are Officer endorsements.
  • Able Seaman (AB) is a rating endorsement.
  • Ordinary Seaman (OS) is an entry level rating endorsement.

The cost of applying for an MMC is about $500 to $600. This does not
include the cost of any training courses, travel, or lodging, but does
  • The USCG application and issuance fees.
  • The TWIC enrollment fee.
  • The average cost of the physical exam and drug screening, and
    the cost of the required First Aid/CPR Training.

The steps provided outline the Merchant Mariner Credential application
process. While it is not a requirement, it is highly recommended that
you submit your application to the USCG
PRIOR to taking the course.

The National Maritime Center (NMC) is the last word in everything
about Merchant Mariner Credentials.
1. Document your Sea Service Experience ...
With only a few exceptions all MMC applications require qualifying sea
service experience. One of these exceptions is the OS rating.

2. Enroll in the TWIC Program
The original issue of any MMC endorsement requires the applicant to
enroll in the TWIC program. There NO exceptions!
3. Physical Exam and Drug Screening ...
With only a few exceptions all MMC endorsement applications require
a USCG physical exam and drug screening completed using the
correct USCG form.

4. First Aid and CPR Training ...
The original issuance of an OUPV, Mate, or Master endorsement
requires completion of First Aid/CPR Training course within one year of
the application date.
  • American Red Cross (ARC) certification is accepted without a US
    Coast Guard approval number, all other certification requires a US
    Coast Guard approval number.

  • This is NOT required for an AB or OS application.
5. USCG MMC Application Form (719B)
All USCG MMC applications require completion of form CG 719B.

The Merchant Mariner Oath is the last bulleted text contained in
Section IV Mariner's Consent and Certification; item 4 Consent. All
applicants for the original issue of an MMC must have their signature
notarized when signing item 5 Applicants Signature to document that
they are accepting the oath.

Complete form CG 719C only if you answered yes to any Convictions
and Drug Use questions in Section III.
6. Application Fees, and Delivery to a USCG REC
The application fees must be paid online at the Gov.Pay website.
Include a copy of the receipt with your application to show that your
fees have been paid.

All applications must be emailed to a USCG Regional Exam Center
(REC). They my be emailed to Portland REC using the information
below or use the link provided to locate an REC nearest to your

Portland REC contact information
  • Portland REC
  • 911 NE 11th Ave. Room 637
  • Portland, Oregon 97232
  • Phone (503) 231-2296
  • Fax (503) 231-6738
  • Email applications to: RECPORTLAND@USCG.MIL
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