USCG CG 719 series forms.
    These forms became
    available on October 1,
    2015; and replace all
    previous versions of the CG
    719 series forms.

    When using all Coast Guard
    forms read the instructions
    on the form and follow them
    exactly as written.

CG 719B (application)
  • The general application form
    required for all credential

CG 719C (conviction)
  • If you answered "YES" to any
    questions in Section III (2)
    Convictions and Drug Use of
    form 719B complete this form.

CG 719K (physical)
  • The Merchant Mariner
    Physical exam must be
    completed by a medical
    doctor using this form.

CG 719KE (OS physical)
  • This replaces form 719K
    when applying for an OS
    rating only.

CG 719P (drug testing)
  • USCG/DOT Drug Screening
    form with the drug screening
    options that are available.

CG 719S (sea service)
  • The small vessel sea service
    form for documenting sea
    service experience on
    vessels less than 200 GRT.
Merchant Mariner Credential Application Information and Help

    The cost of applying for a USCG issued Merchant Mariner Credential
    (MMC) is about $500 to $600. This includes the USCG application
    and issuance fees, the TWIC enrollment fee, the average cost of the
    physical exam and drug screening, and the cost of the required First
    Aid/CPR Training. This does not include the cost of any training
    courses, travel, and lodging.

    While it is not a requirement, it is highly recommended that you
    submit your application to the USCG and get your approval PRIOR to
    taking the course.

    The steps provided here outline the Merchant Mariner Credential
    application process and start with the least expensive step first.
  • When completing these forms read and follow the instructions
    on the form carefully.
  • These forms have an expired expiration date, but are
    considered still valid by the USCG.

Application Step 1 - Document your Sea Service
    All OUPV and Master applications require at least 360-days of
    qualifying sea service experience, that includes 90-days of recent
    experience within the past 3-years. Use form CG 719S to document
    your experience.

Application Step 2 - Enroll in the TWIC Program
    All original applications for an OUPV or Master require the applicant
    to enroll in the TWIC program through a Universal Enrollment System
    (UES). Locate a UES near you >>

Application Step 3 - Physical Exam and Drug Screening
    All OUPV and Master applications must include a Merchant Mariner
    Physical Exam completed on form CG 719K, and a USCG/DOT Drug
    Screening completed on form CG 719P.
  • When applying for an OS only use form 719KE instead of

Application Step 4 - First Aid/CPR Training
    The original issuance of an OUPV or Master requires completion of
    American Red Cross or American Heart Association First Aid/CPR
    Training within one year of the application date.

Application Step 5 - Application Form
    All applications require completion of form CG 719B. Complete form
    CG 719C if answering yes to any Convictions and Drug Use
    questions in Section III.

Application Step 6 - Oath and Application Fees
    All applications must be delivered to a USCG Regional Exam Center
    (REC). When delivering the application in person the Merchant
    Mariner Oath and application fees can be taken care over the
    counter at the REC. As an alternative to delivery in person the
    application package may be faxed, mailed, or emailed to any REC; in
    this case the Oath must be administered by any Notary using the
    MMC Oath Form and the fees must be paid online at the GovPay

Instructions for E-mailing Applications to an REC:
  1. Select an REC, and completely fill out all necessary application
    forms; a include a copy of your TWIC or TWIC application receipt,
    and a copy of your user fee receipt.
  2. Completed applications must be scanned at a resolution not
    exceeding 300 dpi, saved in PDF format, and not exceeding 8
    megabytes (MB) in size. If e-mail size (including attachments)
    exceeds 8 MB, send documents in multiple e-mails.
  3. Look for the E-mail Application button at the bottom of the REC’s
  4. The subject line of your e-mail must be: (Last name, first name,
    middle name, mariner reference #). Example: (Mariner, Johnny, L,
    #####). Note: New applicants will not have reference numbers.
  5. Ensure all attachments are included, then send. Please use the
    minimum number of e-mails to send your application and attachments.

Portland REC contact information:


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